The Air Force Tech School wish list  

Thiswas curated based on hundreds of Airmen's experiences. Although each Air Force Tech School is different, most of them will require these simple things to make your base-life easier. Feel free to purchase the items you want below, once you get to Tech School.

I have carefully selected each item on this list to not only provide Airmen entering Tech School a list of items they will need to start collecting for their lives, but also provide Airmen with the best quality, highest rated items for a fair price. Please watch the video below for a more detailed explanation of each item listed below:


The following uniform and clothing items should be brought or purchased to have at Air Force Tech School. If you do not already own these items, you can purchase them once you are at Tech School Clicking on the item(s) below:

UNIFORMS/BOOTS: Some Airman prefer to buy new sets of uniforms when arriving to tech school. This is completely up to you. Some Airman will also get their uniforms fitted at tech school to "look better" I wouldn't suggest getting uniforms fitted because they are a lot more comfortable when they are not tight on your body. Also, depending on your job, you may be required to wear steel toe boots while at work. For this reason, I have curated a list of some of the favorite boots of United States Airmen that include steel toe and non steel toe boots:

Steel Toe
    Belleville Men's Hot Weather
    Reebok Rapid Response
    Rocky Men's S2V ST
    Corcoran Marauder

Non Steel Toe
    Rocky C4T
    Rocky S2V
    Danner Tachyon
    Under Armour Jungle Rat

You will need several items for your dorm room to make it more comfortable and your own. From cleaning supplies to bed sheets, below are a list of items that you should consider getting for your room once getting to Tech School.

Bedroom Commodities:

Cleaning/Maintenance supplies:



These are the items that are going to enable your success in the classroom at Tech School. Remember, Tech School is all about learning about and how to perform your job in the United States Air Force. Set yourself up for success by investing in resources that will enable that success. Click on the item(s) below that you need for Tech School: 


I get a ton of questions on what types of electronics Airmen can bring to Tech School, and the answer is pretty much anything with only a few restrictions. Now, non of the electronics are 'required', but have a few/all of these item will make your time at Tech School much more enjoyable. Below are a list of items that I would recommend for Tech School. I included a few options for various items for your convenience. Click on the item(s) below that you may want/need for Tech School:



The following items are prohibited at Air Force Basic Military Training: 

  • Illegal Drugs / Alcohol

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