COMING HOME SOON?!- Misawa TDY: Day 16-17

Being away in the military can be tough but the time does go by fast. In this video I show you guys what it's like 2 days before coming home. We went out to eat with Eric and Rachel Turiak both nights. We went to Cheese roll house again and then we went to an Indian restaurant right off base. THERE WAS A SQUATTY POTTY!

Chase puts his Galaxy S5 under a sink to show how the phone is waterproof! That's crazy! Makenna got sick and had to go to the ER. However, for me, these 2 weekdays were really eventful. Getting ready to come home soon meant I had to pack up my stuff and clean the hotel room. Be sure to check out the rest of the TDY videos on my Air Force journey and subscribe!