BIG News - Our Next Base!

Click the image above to view

Click the image above to view

WE FINALLY FOUND OUT OUR NEXT BASE!! After a very long wait of several months we were given our Air Force base assignment today. I woke up with an email of my assignment notification for my next Air Force base!

Our top 3 choices were on our dream sheet were:
1. Nellis AFB
2. Beale AFB
3. Birmingham AFB

We wanted our number one, obviously, but from our dream sheet choices we were thinking more of the 2nd or 3rd choice. So here it is! The long awaited video of where Kyle Gott and Makenna Gott will be stationed next on my Air Force journey! We are super excited to bring you all with us to our next base and explore! 

AND SPEAKING OF BIG NEWS, we have more exciting news coming this Tuesday. So stick around.