Heading to BMT soon? Want to learn what you should and should not bring? Look no further than right here. I have assembled a COMPLETE packing list for everything you will, and will not, need at Air Force Basic Military Training. This list is complete with a shopping guide for high quality, yet affordable gear.


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Something I’ve taken very serious the last few years of my Air Force career was my financial responsibilities. Looking back I made SO MANY mistakes. I’ve done pretty well for myself but I could have done much better. my net worth when joining the Air Force was -$14,000, now I’m sitting at just under $100,000 net worth. I show you the mindset I’ve developed and how to have you be even more successful than I’ve been financially.

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The Air Force PT Test is something that a lot of people worry about. Don’t worry! I’ve got you guys covered! I’ve got plenty of ways for you to get in shape the right way! You can download my running eGuide for FREE here: Running Guide or you can download my free BMT fitness preparation guide for free

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